Super Doomed’n Damned VS Doomed’n Damned

Super Doomed’n Damned VS Doomed’n Damned

Hey Everyone! Last weekend many blogs and sites around the internet posted about Super Doomed’n Damned. After the Xbox One youtube video teaser, many people are talking with me about more content, screenshots, info and so on, and some websites just posted screenshots from the original game, Doomed’n Damned. So in order to show the difference, you can check here some screenshots comparison, among the two versions, and also some work in progress screenshots.

Super Doomed’n Damned is still in development and it is planned to be released during the second half of the year. It is developed by Arc-gen games and Dolores Entertainment for STEAM, XBOX ONE and Wii U. For more information, stay tuned :)



Screenshot Comparison 02


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