Super Doomed’n Damned is announced

Hey everyone! I know the game was greenlit since a while and I haven’t talked too much about what is going on. Basically I changed the game from Doomed’n Damned to Super Doomed’n Damned :) I asked to Steam guys if it would be possible to release a better version of the game, more polished and improved in many ways, and they said “sure, if the game is still basically the same, there is no problem at all”. So, I’ve been working on the second version of the game since then, and the result is Super Doomed’n Damned”, a 2.5D game based on Doomed’n Damned, but improved on every single aspect. 

If I could compare with other games to have a better idea, I would say that Doomed’n Damned would be the 8bit version and Super Doomed’n Damned is the 16 bit version. For example, Castlevania for NES and Super Castlevania for SNES. Basically they have the same concept and gameplay, but they are completly different games. 

This time I’m working in partnership with another company, Dolores Entertainment. We’ve been working on the game since a couple of months, using a different technology and focusing the game to multiplatfom. Yes! Super Doomed’n Damned is coming to Steam, Wii U and XBOX ONE :) 

Since the game is still in development and there are lot of things going on at the same time, I can’t tell you yet a release date, but it won’t take too long to be released. Don’t worry. :) 

I hope you like it, and thank you very much for all the support! You guys are awesome! :)

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